Let the energy FLOw

the Holistic Way

in nerja and online


Have you ever felt that sensation that everything was flowing into your life?

  • If you feel detached from your Essence,
  • if you feel constricted and limited by fears and mental blockages,
  • if you feel oppressed by anxiety,
  • if you suffer from sleep disturbing issues,
  • if everything bothers you and you can’t digest well the food you eat …

Do not worry, it will all be alright…

Go back to Flow with the Deep Journeys I propose
to feel good in your own skin, find focus, balance, and good mood.


A targeted selection of therapies as the unique Water Healing, Shiatsu and Auriculotherapy combined with Yoga, Conscious Nutrition and Meditation will accompany you in a deep journey to feel good in your skin, to smile at life and feel a deeper sense of peace.

OndaMarinaHolistica is a wellness project to help you improve your lifestyle in all its aspects:

nutrition, body fitness and spiritual path

Reconnect with Deep Journeys


Get your balance, your joy and your vital force back.

Bring your body, mind and soul back to balance with awareness, serenity and fullness with monthly deep journeys to feel well again in your own skin. Those consist in a combination of therapies and practices that will accompany you in a deep journey towards a new status of connection, health, balance, focus and inner peace. To be and feel a complete version of yourself.

Explore the benefits of these three journeys combining accurately selected holistic therapies and sessions of yoga, conscious nutrition or meditation depending on the journey you need to embark on.  If they resound with you:

  • Do you feel disconnected from yourself?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety, stress or insomnia?
  • Do you suffer from migraines and digestive issues?

Back to the Original You

Transform anxiety into tranquillity, reconnect with your Essence and feel wholesomely good from within. 
Shine again!

Set Yourself Free and Flow

Reach physical and emotional balance; release tensions and traumas with the Onda Marina Method.

Balance & Energy

Raise your vitality, boost your immune system and start embracing healthy habits to reestablish balance through all dimensions of your being.

Discover also our Yoga Classes, Water Healing – Onda Marina Method, Shiatsu and Conscious Nutrition.

Water Healing – Release Tensions and Traumas

Water is the beginning of all things…
Transform traumas and old patterns into light, presence, focus and self-confidence.

In the water the body moves sinuous without any rupture, recalling intrauterine life where it was easier to get to unity and in union with our body and with the surrounding element. Control is decreased and you feel abandoning yourself to the water, to your inner self, with no interferences.

The temperature of water, close to the body temperature supports this process, facilitating the relaxation, together with the wave effect and the position of the therapist aligning the two hearts, allowing an emotional journey to happen, emanating love, peace and harmony.

The therapy develops in more phases recalling different phases of the life: the intrauterine, the birth, the childhood and the teen age, where traumas and old patterns might have originated. Water with its quietness and gentle touch will help overcoming those and will set you free allowing to enjoy no fear nor resistance in a balanced adult life.

Practice Yoga

Several Yoga Classes are offered for different needs to grow awareness of your own body and your emotions and work on your inner self.

Yoga as ‘Union’, as a bridge between the individual and the universal energies, as poetry expressing the beauty through the body movement. It is a fantastic tool for you to reach harmony with your inner self and the surrounding. It will improve your level of energy and your mood. Your sleep will be restorative and you will reduce stress and weight.

Yoga is really a fantastic tool for self-healing too, through deep breathing and mental relaxation. Yoga helps you to make space within you, the space of freedom and energy flow, releasing tensions and mental patterns as well as increasing flexibility. The energy within you will flow, your organs will be oxygenated and regenerated, your mind will take a pause and you will be able to face everyday challenges with more calm and inner peace.

Improving your eating habits with Conscius Nutrition

A cycle of consultancies is offered to accompany you into the process of reaching a healthier nutrition and lifestyle.

The basics of conscious nutrition respond to the questions: what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat. This is the core of these consultancies. You will also learn how to combine food for better digestion and a stronger immune system, how to balance and reach an alkaline body, how to feel better and stronger through delicious menus and a variety of new healthy recipes. Without restrictive and demanding diets!

Balance yourself with Shiatsu

A traditional Holistic Treatment supporting the self-healing process of your body.

The Holistic approach to health and wellness consider the person as a whole, not only as a body but as well as mind, spirit and emotions. Each of those aspects of the human being plays an essential role in overall health. When one of these aspects of the self is out of balance, the entire body is affected.

Consequently, holistic therapies and practices search for the inner cause of the disease. So rather than just treating the symptoms, we encourage the patients to activate their own power of self-healing. In addition to this complete approach, the ‘holistic way’ focuses on prevention as a key goal of care.

Those are the main characteristics of Shiatsu, an ancient Japanese treatment based on an alternative medical system as the Traditional Chinese Medicine, able to align your energies, release your tensions and pain and boost your self-healing capacities.

Get a restorative time with Tailored Retreats

Personalized individual or small group Retreats.

Create a retreat tailored to your needs.

Live the experience of practicing yoga in front of the majestic Almijara Mountains or on Maro’s Natural Park cliff or meditating on the seashore.

I offer you an intense transformative experience merging yoga, breathing techniques, meditation practices, and a high-quality selection of holistic treatments, including the unique Water Healing – Onda Marina Method in warm water and Shiatsu.

Come exploring a state of complete relaxation and rejuvenation in high meditative and vibrant spots immersed in nature and selected vegan menus to lead you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Our Latest Yoga & Wellness Articles

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

The Bhagavad Gita

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