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OndaMarinaHolistica is a wellness project to help you improve your lifestyle in all its aspects: nutrition, body fitness and spiritual path offering a variety of yoga sessions, holistic treatments, nutrition programs and special retreats.

It was born with the deep intention of a young woman with the given name of Marina Scateni, to share her deep experience, studies, researches and linked activities with anyone interested in working on him/herself searching for peace and inner harmony by boosting the energetic flow of the body and feeding it with renewed light. Centering to be able to find our own leading light, to release tensions and other symptoms able to hide much deeper causes on which we need to work on. As a unique objective of living in happiness and grace, now, in this present moment which is not ‘past’ yet but neither ‘future’. To provide tools to get awareness of our own body, the status of our mind, the emotions we are often trapped in and the level of energy we are moved from. The purpose is to lead all those aspects of our personality to follow our inner instinct, the only source that, when aligned and flowing, will always take us to the right path.

All through accessible tools, I offer to start or continue the path of self-exploring, harmony and Love…

– Various Yoga styles for different needs with the main objective to take awareness of your body and mind.

– Holistic Treatments to boost the self healing capacities of your body.

– Programs of detox, conscious eating and healing diets because ‘we are what we eat’.

– Wellness Retreats to offer a space and a time to work on yourself in spectacular spots with a special energy. Conceived for intimate and small groups accompanied by a curated team of professionals.

Practice Yoga

Several Yoga Classes are offered for different needs to grow awareness of your own body and your emotions and work on your inner self.

Yoga as ‘Union’, as a bridge between the individual and the universal energies, as poetry expressing the beauty through the body movement. It is a fantastic tool for you to reach harmony with your inner self and the surrounding. It will improve your level of energy and your mood. Your sleep will be restorative and you will reduce stress and weight.

Yoga is really a fantastic tool for self-healing too, through deep breathing and mental relaxation. Yoga helps you to make space within you, the space of freedom and energy flow, releasing tensions and mental patterns as well as increasing flexibility. The energy within you will flow, your organs will be oxygenated and regenerated, your mind will take a pause and you will be able to face everyday challenges with more calm and inner peace.

Balance yourself with holistic treatments

A range of Holistic Treatments supporting the self-healing process of your body.

The Holistic approach to health and wellness consider the person as a whole, not only as a body but as well as mind, spirit and emotions. Each of those aspects of the human being plays an essential role in overall health. When one of these aspects of the self is out of balance, the entire body is affected.

Consequently, holistic therapies and practices search for the inner cause of the disease. So rather than just treating the symptoms, we encourage the patients to activate their own power of self-healing. In addition to this complete approach, the ‘holistic way’ focuses on prevention as a key goal of care.

There are countless holistic modalities, Onda Marina Holistica offers you:

  • an alternative medical system as the Traditional Chinese Medicine, at the base of the Shiatsu Treatments, to align your energies, release your tensions and pain and boost your self-healing capacities;
  • mind-body intervention to enhance your physical and mental health with Yoga and Meditation;
  • biologically based therapies as the Nutrition Programs tailored on you;
  • body-based methods as Massage therapies;
  • energy Therapies as Yin Yang Massage and Water Healing to face your old patterns and transform them into light, presence, focus and self-confidence.

Nutrition – improving the eating habits.

A number of nutrition programs and consultancies are offered to accompany you into the process of reaching a healthier nutrition and lifestyle.

Nutrition Hints and Healing Diets Programs will accompany you through a journey of awareness and conscious nutrition. You will learn: what and how we can eat healthy, how to combine food for a better digestion and a stronger immune system, how to balance and reach an alkaline body, how to feel better and stronger through delicious menus and a variety of new recipes.

Wellness Retreats

Wellness Retreats are offered week-end or week based, to give you enough time and space to work on your inner-self in stunning places with an intimate group and professionals at your side proposing a number of inspiring and enriching activities and practices: Yoga, Chi-Kung, Pranayama, Mindfulness and Meditation, Water Healing, Shiatsu, Conscious Walks in Nature, topic evenings and much more. Choose in between our proposals and stay tuned on our next dates!

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Going back to feel good in your shoes and in peace is definitely a matter…

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

The Bhagavad Gita

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