Why detox is so important to blossom this spring?

Spring has just started and with it very often instead to blossom, we feel in need of more sleep. We might feel more tired, less focused with some annoying pains here and there. What is possibly going on? And what could make you feel better?

The human machine is a perfect one. Every single organ has its own crucial role. Imagine our filtering organs, the kidneys and the liver what an incredible function they perform from which it depends the functioning of our own body. Lets consider the liver for a moment. The liver filters the blood removing toxins and other harmful substances from it. It produces the bile useful for the intestine to digest and absorb the fats. The liver makes sure amino acid levels in the bloodstream remain healthy. Blood clotting coagulants are created using vitamin K, which can only be absorbed with the help of the bile created by the liver. The liver removes bacteria from the bloodstream and stores significant amounts of vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12, as well as iron and copper and removes excess glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream.

Do we have any idea if those duties can not be accomplished because the liver is overloaded for extra-work or if it is stuck with stones? Hundreds of other functions in our body depends upon the perfect function of our liver. Intestine would be stuck too and as a consequence the immune system, raising at the same time our symptoms of toxification in the body (fatigue, poor sleep, lack of focus and vitality, headaches, joints aches, just a few to start with). At that stage even mood is affected, we feel more depressive, sad, nervous and anxious. Our body system is intertwined. We need every organ to work perfectly to be properly healthy and be able to blossom again.

If you feel one of those symptoms then you might need to alleviate your liver from the hard work is making to clean your whole system. That is why in Spring we detox and cleanse our digestive organs allowing the machine to function perfectly again. Have you ever tried a detox before? You come our renewed, light, with extraordinary energies, the mind focused and calm and a strong connection with your inner instinct.

We propose programs of  21 days detox and conscious nutrition to make a real shift in your life at every level both physical and emotional. Would you like to give it a try? It is just the right time. Next program starts on the 15 April in Nerja at Studio Los Angeles and online but you can drop in anytime. Contact us yogavida.wellness@gmail.com for more informations and a tailored consultancy upon your specific needs.

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