Where do I get toxins from and why do I need to detox from time to time?

Toxins compromise our immune system and are actually everywhere. In the air we breath, the material we touch, the food we eat (unless 100% organic) and the water we drink. Our immune system is crucial in defending our body from bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and infections. So a strong immune system is able to respond better and quickly heal from an infection or illness. 

The immune system is affected by a variety of reasons as an unhealthy diet, lack of sleep or too much stress but the main ones are, definitely, environmental toxins.

Lets name a few just to get a clear idea of where we can find them.

The Glyphosate which is used in the herbicides since the 1970s, is particular harmful for humans and animals. Actually it affects the good bacterias of the gut and increase the bad ones. Our gut flora is then completely unbalanced. And if our microbiome is affected, our immune system is affected too.

Then we have molds. Those are mycotoxins that are present in our environment much closer than we think. Those are some of the most prevalent toxins in our environment that weaken immunity.  They are often in our bathrooms, in damp basements, kitchens or ceiling tiles. Some times they are visible but some other not and they are very dangerous for our respiratory system. They can cause a range of symptoms affecting our health both physically and mentally.

Phthalates are chemicals that are incredibly toxic and affect the immune system, too. They are found mainly in plastic with which we package food but also in many children products such as toys, in personal care products, soaps, shampoo, perfumes and many more.

Heavy metals are in between the heaviest toxins we can be exposed to all along our life. They are in paint, some contaminated tap water, cosmetics, contaminated food, tobacco, in pesticides, deodorants, canned food and some other processed food, some fruit juices, in sea food, silver tooth filling and vaccines. They can cause oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, and cellular interference. 

Dimethyl benzene is used as solvent, in raw materials for manufacturing of polymers, and in aviation fuel and gasoline.

Those were just a few examples of the most dangerous toxins we are exposed to almost every day of our existence.

Toxins get stored in the fat cells, in the bones, in the liver, in the brain, in the joints, in the blood, the tissues and the muscles producing annoying and some of them, chronic symptoms as: acne, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, constipation inflammation, diabetes, hormone imbalance, obesity. The main detoxifying organ is the liver. This main organ has a major role that is unable to play if it is toxic too. That is why it is highly recommended to cleanse the liver to allow it to accomplish its so precious role in the best way, so that the toxins can be then expelled from skin, kidneys, colon and lungs. We need from time to time then to proceed to a detox of our body to strengthen the immune system. It is suggested to do it twice a year, in Autumn and Spring. Once we proceed to a period of detox and we attempt to boost the immune system then we can approach our nutrition habits in a different way. There are many food indeed that then can help us in keeping our system healthy and away from toxins. Conscious nutrition helps to get the right knowledge  to be able to avoid from toxins in our food. And, as a consequence, we will have a long lasting regeneration. Explore our website to know more about our nutrition plans for a deep detox and a great boost to your  immune system, leading to a healthier life. 

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