Water healing therapy – ONDA MARINA METHOD

Onda Marina Method is unique. It comes from my experience as a swimmer and holistic therapist. This hydrotherapy will help you set free from the past traumas, working on the stagnated energy to let it flow again, this way improving your physical, mental and spiritual harmony. You will experience a state of deep relaxation, love and happiness through an emotional journey of liberation and healing that will work on various phases of your life.

Water healing therapy – Onda Marina Method

It is a very relaxing hydrotherapy based on the wave effect of water on the body, on letting of old patterns and traumas and letting oneself go to the free flow and the inner instinct. From the experience of a foetal pause supported by the practitioner, to the autonomy of forms and movements in complete freedom. It is possible through this therapy to overcome discomfort, stress, resistances and alleviate various pathologies.

it is One-to-One treatment with the therapist guiding the session.

It is a water hug, a holding Wave that leads you to a personal intimate journey through warm water and massage. It recalls the comfortable life in the mother’s womb where there was no fear, no worries and no misunderstanding. All was naturally connected to instinct and from that to the whole cosmic energy. A comfortable dimension where the heart speaks and the mind is silent and we have the chance to be one together with the Universe.

The purpose of this therapy is to help you release the emotional and physical tensions that affect your existence.

It can also be executed in couple. In this case it is used to raise comprehension, trust and connection between partners or mother and son/daughter, in between brothers and sisters and so on. Just to communicate to each other presence and love or with the intention to overcome moments of incomprehension or crisis in the relationship and decide to rely on Water and its power of union.

The treatment outcomes:

  • Slows down our mind and fills up our heart
  • Generates peace and harmony
  • Releases energetic knots
  • Relieves pains and prevent their reiteration
  • Reminds us of the origin of life and its fluidity
  • It supports the process of traumas healing
  • Strengthens relations

You can choose to buy single sessions or a voucher.

It lasts 50 minutes. I recommend the voucher with a 4 sessions cycle that will wok deeper on your needs.

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