The power of your breath

Conscious breathing can be the most powerful tool we have for a fast self-healing. Why does yoga focus so much on breathing? And our yoga teacher continuously reminds us to breathe during the class? Bringing the attention of your mind to your breath, guarantees a deep and continuous connection to your body. Equally, anchored to your body you are able to silent your mind and be completely present in your sensations, your emotions and your physical tensions. Only then, in complete perception, you’ll be able to breath through the tension and release it. …

Please observe your body when you enter in a posture. Do I have tensions? Where are my tensions? Now, try to breath into that uncomfortable tension. Exhale deeply into it. That means to bring your attention into that part of your body. If you are really there, into your tension and aware and you use your breath, the tension will gently release and you will feel a sensation of relief and you will feel more comfortable in the posture and will be able to go into a further stretching. Simply, an energetic and physical knot has been unlocked and energy will be able to flow again. With calm and patience.

I like to tell my students the story of Javier, a very good friend and his experience with healing breathing. He was working in an harbour and fell from very high into a very deep hole that caused him the rupture of his body in many parts and immobilized in a bed. Doctors had very bad previsions about his recovery but Javier has never lost his hopes and as a professional free diver and yoga practitioner, he trusted he could use his breath to heal himself. Or at least we thought he would have given a try. And that is what he did. In the loneliness of his hospital bed, he dedicated many hours a day to conscious breathing. Moving his healing breath into his broken bones. His mind was completely anchored to his breath and as a consequence, to his body in pain. And has a miracle, his body started quickly to react and his bones to recover under the incredulous eyes of the doctors in charge. In a few months, against all prevision, Javier went back to walk, to move, to exercise. He went back to life again!

Lets believe in the power of our breath and lets explore all of its potential and magic.

Lets start now with five conscious breaths…

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