the importance of restoring an acid-base balance

Many diseases, early aging, overweight, fatigue, are all symptoms of an imbalance at the level of metabolism. The cause is found in the body’s acid-base imbalance.

The acid-base balance is a vital process for the proper functioning of the body. The human body has a normal pH range in the blood and tissues that must be maintained for all bodily functions to perform optimally. Normal blood pH is between 7.35 and 7.45.

Acidosis occurs when there is excess acid in the body, causing a decrease in pH. And it is caused not only by what we eat and how we eat it, but also by our mental state, stress, emotions.

To return to metabolic balance, to the optimal metabolic state and to have a healthy body, action must be taken on several levels.

My intensive programs, the deep journeys, work on the origin of the annoying symptoms completely, working on the mental and emotional part as well as the physical part. Stress causes a lot of acidity in the body. And it is the origin of many diseases. I can eat very well but stress can make me sick because of the level of acidity it brings to my system, breaking the balance.

What I propose to return to balance are not diets.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, which inspires all my therapies, diseases occur due to an imbalance. The only path to true healing is to return to balance.

The Energy & Balance Deep Journey, the complete Detox Program, detoxifies and balances, removing:

• fatigue

• inflammations

• headache

• joint pains

• swollen abdomen

• muscle pain

and improving sleep, focus, good mood, physical and moral strength, and overall health.

This Program includes:

DETOX YOGA – Postures to help detoxification. Did you know that in each posture you activate an organ? And that some sequences help detoxification?

ALKALINE-FORMING NUTRITION – to return to an optimal metabolism for good

CONSCIOUS MEDITATION .The emotional aspect is super important, very often it is the true cause of illnesses. Meditation removes stress and relaxes the mind, allowing you to face the day from another place.

This program can be accompanied by Shiatsu, a wonderful Japanese holistic treatment capable of rebalancing the entire system on a holistic level, working on the organs and associated emotions and also acting as prevention.

This complete program is recommended during seasonal changes in Autumn and Spring, but it can be done all year round at any time. We need to get out of harmful physical, mental, and eating habits and return to the path of health, feeling good in our skin.

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