I was looking at the waves in a perfect conditions surfing day…. Waves are never the same, they constantly change. And I was looking at the surfers, how they patiently wait for the right wave to surf…The more experienced do not surf the small ones, they look for the big waves. There is probably more risk to ride those ones but, if everything goes well, more fun too! And if something goes wrong they would probably say that it was all worth it, it was amazing! Lets consider they surfed without any problems and splashed in the water just at the very end of it, enjoying the all ride. It lasts only a few seconds…A few seconds and the wave and the fun is over and they begin waiting again for another good one…In the mean time, they enjoy being in the water on their board, with the heart open and the body ready, for the one to come….

What if we managed our life just as those surfers…If we waited for the good ones before to engage in anything. Then enjoying that experience and letting it go, knowing that another one will soon arrive to teach us some more life lessons. 

Changes are inevitable and one wave leads to the next. But after many falls and many waves we get more experienced and we will be more and more in control of our performances.

I felt empathic and I admired those surfers and I felt it would be so much easier to apply their rules to life in general. Take some time of rest when there is no wave around and be ready for next challenge. Appreciate our relaxing moments and get ready and fit for our next journey. Be ready physically and mentally to enjoy it all but then let it pass and wait for next ride.

Preparation of mind-set and health-set is crucial in our existence to be able to surf our life at our best and enjoy it until the end, making the best out of it and mostly of ourselves until next one.

How do we prepare to surf our life at our best? Preparing our body with a good and constant yoga practice can be a very good choice. The nutrition is also important. Learning healthy nutrition habits can make a transformative shift in our life, adquiring more energy and focus.  Soothing the heavy work of filtering organs and making the whole body system working greatly.

Growing awareness of our body and observe our emotions can be epic in a well-living existence.  And as the surfers, we can learn how to train it. The first day you will fall and the second one too, but on the third day you might be up and surf for a few seconds in grace. It is constancy and discipline training both body and mind which counts, for a best performance out there, in the world, with this body borrowed for this current existence. The way we will act facing the situations and the challenging experiences will depend of our preparation. Lets get ready for next big wave also with constant meditation practices in the morning and possibly in the evening too, preparing for a restorative sleep. Do some of those words resound with you? Then you are ready to start the training! Give us a call or contact us to know more about our proposed activities.

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