Yoga Classes

The main reason to practice Yoga

Yoga as Union, as a bridge between the individual and the universal energies, as poetry expressing the beauty through the body movement. It is a life style. it is harmony with our inner self and the surrounding. It is deep awareness of body and mind. A fantastic tool for self-healing through deep breathing and mental relaxation. Yoga helps you to make space within you, the space of freedom and energy flow, releasing tensions and mental patterns as well as increasing flexibility. The energy will flow, the organs will be oxygenated and regenerated, your mind will take a pause and the everyday challenges will be faced with more calm and inner peace.

Yoga of Awareness
(on spot and online)

It is a dynamic practice focused on becoming aware of your body and tensions to be able to work on them trough your breath. You will learn the power of your breath! You will learn which part of your body you are activating and regenerating. Each line of your body is connected with an organ and an emotion. Free your body from knots and blockages that might turn in to physical issues. Make your energy flow and you will recover and prevent, oxygenating your whole body through the breath. And when your body is oxygenated and new life and force reach every little corner of your body…then you are healthy, you are strong and your immune system boosted!

This Yoga class will give you strength and flexibility but mostly will allow you to become aware of your body and the connected emotions. A sequence of targeted postures guided by the rhythm of the breath, to be present in your tensions and to allow to release them consciously.

Make space, make your energies flow, go back to your center.

Join our classes in Maro, open door at the Natural Park, on Tuesday at 9,30 a.m and on Wednesday at 9,15 at the Yoga Studio in Nerja. The class will be transmitted online too.

Ashtanga Yoga
(on spot and online)

Ashtanga Yoga is an ancient dynamic practice based on breathing synchronised with movement to strengthen and lighten up your body and mind and give space to concentration and presence, body flexibility and inner peace. It is a unique sequence in which each posture prepares you to the following. It is a very dynamic and flowing practice that you will especially appreciate if you are looking for building muscle tone, reach cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat, reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and creativity and mental wellbeing.

Addressed to dynamic persons who would like to challenge in a flowing Yoga practice moved by conscious breathing.

Ashtanga Yoga classes are held on Friday at 9,15 at our Estudio Los Angeles in Nerja.


(on spot and online)

This practice helped me in the hardest times of my life to find my balance and center back. It is a union of QiGong, Tibetan rites and power yoga. The best way to start the week with a full inner energy to face the challenges of the week. We start feeling the energy around our body and inside our body. We then follow with specific asanas from ancient Tibet known to lengthen your life as working on regeneration of the cells and the endocrine system. And we conclude with a very dynamic sequence of yoga asanas working the core, the strength, the power from within. This class is offered on Mondays at 9,15 at our Estudio de Yoga y Canto in Nerja and online.

Gentle Yoga

This class is so much appreciated by beginners and by persons in need of special attention to some part of their body especially back, neck or knees. It is more therapeutic and has a more gentle rhythm allowing anyone to join this session. Gentle forward bending, very careful back bending taking care of eventual back issues, soothing torsions and building core asanas will allow to alleviate pain and discomfort and allowing a sense of lightness and positivity. This class is held every Wednesday and Friday at 10,30-11,30 at the Studio Los Angeles, in Nerja.

(on spot)

A pleasure to introduce you to our HappYoga classes with our Cosmic Kids certified teacher Marina that will help your kids discover Yoga!

Enter the magic world of HAPPYOGA stories using the body movement with dolphins, bears, bees, octopus and many more friends, teaching us important values like friendship, compassion, bravery, sharing and unconditional love.

The kids will enjoy to listen to fantastic stories in which they will enter through a magic and secret code and will help our animal friends to explore, find new places, search for mysterious treasures, knowing plants and flowers, facing challenging moments, hiking in fantastic places, flying to the Moon or to other planets, saving friends and being challenged by hundred of adventures in which the kids will be the main characters.

Through body movements, breathing techniques and meditation practices, we will learn to feel more compassion and to act as more empathic and loving creatures.

Addressed to kids aged 4-8. The classes are held every Thursday 17-17,45 at the Onda Marina Holistica/Studio Los Angeles in Nerja.

Yin Yoga
(on spot and online)

An inward practice designed to build awareness, non-attachment, equanimity and inner calm. In Yin Yoga you do not use the body to get into a pose, you use the pose to enter into the body.  Practiced correctly it can provide numerous psychological benefits offering the deep inner calm treasured by the old yogi masters. It works on the deeper ‘inner’ tissues of our ligaments, joints, deep fascial network and bones. All of our tissues are important and need to be exercised to achieve optimal health and vitality. Yin Yoga allows this deep work on your body and consciousness by keeping the postures between 1 to up to 5 minutes. It is a gentle and at the same time challenging yoga style that you will especially apreciate if you are intending to go deeper into your practices reaching more presence and mindfulness, joint mobility, great flexibility and deep calm.

We offer a class on Wednesday morning at 9,15 at the Studio Los Angeles in Nerja.

(on spot and online)

MamYoga is the new Yoga class for Moms and Babies aged 2-11 months, leading to relaxation and muscles toning as well as Mom&Baby connection. It recharges from tiredness and creates new energy and positivity, able to activate the self-healing mechanism of your body. Specific stretching techniques of neck, shoulders and back will alleviate you pain and issues caused by the wrong postures you are obliged to adopt holding the baby in your arms. Strengthening pelvis muscles and ligaments and toning abdominal muscles, connecting with your baby and calming the mind. You will be able for the first time to get trained in total freedom having your baby at your side and alternating phases of massage and stretching of your own baby at the same time that you will be working and training on yourself. Enjoying the practice, strengthening the bond, relaxing, toning.

Mystic Yoga
(on spot and online)

Mystic Yoga are special sessions of guided meditation through breathing techniques and mantras chanting to work on several aspects of emotional blockages, stress and chakras harmonisation. There will be offered cycles of balancing meditation for each chakra as well as mindfulness practices and centering techniques. Chants of basic and more complexed Sanskrit mantras for positive energy, directing the path, stress and tension release, self-healing, happiness and so on. More specifically, through mindful practices you’ll be able to touch the seeds of peace and joy taking refuge in your every breath and step. Our basic practice will be mindful breathing and mindful walking to learn how to extend it to every day actions in life, and in this way live always in the present moment and enjoying what we are surrounded of. During meditation the mind is stimulated to slow down giving space to our spiritual essence, abandoning fears, worries and other negative emotions.

Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake to the present. It is the continuous practice of touching life deeply in every moment. Awareness of the breath is the essence of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the source of happiness and joy.

Addressed to any age.

In Nerja, at the beach Torrecilla every Tuesday and Thursday at 11,30.

Online classes available.

(On spot and online)

It has been said that: ‘We are born with a certain number of breath…’, so we better not wasting them! Slower we breathe, longer we live!

Pranayama is a breathing technique used during yoga practices as well as a mechanism to lead our Prana, the vital energy, with the main objective to calm the mind and grow other human potentials. The Prana is our vital energy that run inside us being the source of our nourishment. Ayama means expansion. Pranayama than stands for: ’Expansion of vital force or energy’, a method to assimilate and lead your vital energy along the body to keep your mind stable and quite and reach a higher level of consciousness and presence. Just one step before the Pranayama, following Patanjali’s sutras, is Yoga’s asanas, the Yoga postures, which prepare the body for Pranayama, turning it more flexible, more relaxed and free from tensions. Only then, you will be able to pay attention to your breath, a strong vehicle between the material body and the spiritual mind. Pranayama links these two elements to be able to step forward to deep meditation.

Pranayama will also work on your body to prevent health issues and pathologies, by facilitating the process of toxins release, improving your blood circulation, toning up your nervous system, helping your digestion, freeing from fears and negative thoughts, cleansing the energetic lines, balancing the endocrine system, boosting the immune system. Addressed to any age.

We offer a deep session (2 hours) once a month. Ask for more informations contacting me by mail or phone.

The Wheel Yoga
(on spot and online)

The Wheel Yoga is a great discovery! If you are a beginner, you will find entering in the postures as easy as you can think, but can be very challenging for the advanced ones, because you can reach very acrobatic postures with the help of the wheel.

The wheel is a fantastic support for a good number of postures. If you are just starting with yoga or you are having a reduced flexibility of shoulders, back and hips, you will definitely enjoy to practice with the wheel with no so much effort. And the benefits are easier reached at no risk.

You will massage the spine, releasing the tensions and will reach incredible results in your strength and flexibility, stretching the whole body….

If you are an experienced Yogi, will enjoy the support of the wheel for a number of back bending postures that will be reached in no time, expanding the chest, increasing the flexibility of the back, working the core and the strengthening of the whole body. Amazing postures can be reached with the support of the wheel at the perfect distance to allow you the most spectacular postures.

Ready to give it a try? The classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm in Nerja at the Studio Los Angeles.

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