Going back to feel good in your shoes and in peace is definitely a matter of a change in vibration and energy.

Is it a matter of a snap of fingers?

It could….

How many times did we experience a sudden change in humour just because something has entered in our vibrational space? A word, a song, a call from an old friend, a situation you can’t holding yourself from laughing, a movie, something occurring in the street. And suddenly our mood changes. Ok, that means being influenced by external facts and being exposed to vulnerable emotions. That is ok. We know that. And hey, humans are like that! The focus is on how deep we get these facts affect us.

But as this shift comes to us subconsciously, at the same way we could provoke it to improve our mood and vibration. Lets make an example.

I feel very melancholic today, for any reason. it can be just The day, or I come from  a hard time in my life that pushed me down, or I feel like blocked in this phase of my life.

And of course, as first thing, I really want to go out from this feeling that is pushing me down. I really want to come out of it.  I really want to. And I stress these words because is the key. Will power is fundamental if we want the magic snap to work.

I can actually choose, do I want to keep feeling melancholic and sad today? Or I want to take action to see more light? Are we really owner of our emotions?

Yes, we are.

Lets start from here. What makes you feel better? Come on, you know it…

Make that a first step towards your wellbeing. It could be whatever makes you switching your vibe from a low to a higher one. 

Let me list for you some examples here depending on what you are experiencing and which phase of your life you are living:

  • wake up earlier and do some meditation, go back to your inner island of peace and safety
  • make some exercise
  • go walking in nature
  • ask for help of a professional (to overcome deep blockages, ancient patterns and traumas, check this webpage in Treatments, The Water Healing is just an amazing deep option for the blockages and traumas. Contact me to know more and schedule a free call with me)
  • call a funny friend
  • dance, ground, feel your body
  • stop and breathe
  • receive a Shiatsu or your favourite massage (check the Treatments Part in this webpage and send me a mail to get more information or schedule a free call with me)
  • take a day off and go somewhere that inspires you. Alone? Yes why not! Get well with yourself is fundamental before sharing with others
  • go back to a good relation with yourself, do something nice for you
  • just stop and wait for the Universe to lighten up the way bringing you fresher thoughts and solutions.
  • struggling to find an answer sometimes it is a waste of energy, just stop, breath, dedicate energy to another center of yours, different from the mental and rational one.
  • go to the water and feel yourself there.
  • Experience an enlightening fasting (contact with an expert. I also invite you to contact me to know more about the Nutrition for Health Program I personally lead. Get in touch with me to know more and schedule a free call.)
  • Any other inspiring you…

Ok, yes it is true; at the beginning you can feel weird in doing one of this actions, any step forward. You probably go for it without being so convinced, without having enthusiasm. Believe in it, stick to it for some time, be patient and you will see that the transformation will occur.  Snap your vibe whenever you want. And get refuge to the Essence of you.

It is a matter of tuning yourself back again to your main flow, your pure joy and love.

Lets train it and as any other practice, you can become as good at it as much as you train.

With love and care,


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