Yoga classes

Yoga is defined as Union, as a bridge between the individual and the universal energies, between the mind and the body at least for that part of the Yoga, the one concerning the body movement through the ‘asanas’ or postures. Through the practices I offer, you will be able to see and feel which part of your body you are activating and energising in each single posture. In each posture one or more organs, one or more emotions are working and releasing the accumulation of tension. This way you will make space, the space of freedom and energy flow, releasing tensions and mental patterns as well as increasing flexibility and strength. You will build up a more lean-looking physique, losing weight and sculpting your muscles in a gentle way. Moreover, through the breath you will reach deep levels of mental relaxation, the energy will flow into your body, the organs will be oxygenated and regenerated, your mind will take a pause and the everyday challenges will be faced with more calm and inner peace.

Find your balance with the holistic treatment

The Holistic approach to health and wellness considers the person as a whole, not only as a body but as well as mind, spirit and emotions. Each of those aspects of the human being plays an essential role in overall health. The treatments proposed are meant to restore your balance and boost the self healing capacities of your body, giving you a sense of relief and deep relaxation.

Nutrition – improve your eating habits.

Our objective is to improve your health by studying your case history and diet history and improve your health through a tailored nutrition program that will alleviate many annoying conditions you might be suffering for: lung conditions (ie. bronchitis, chronic cough, pneumonia), digestive issues (ie. constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain) or skin issues (ie. acne, eczema, dry skin, psoriasis, rosacea) as well as chronic fatigue, lack of energy and focus or difficult sleep.

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