Take a time only for you with a Tailored Retreat

Moving your body, growing awareness, deeply meditating, feeling your energy flow, finding yourself fully assisted and guided, receiving new nutrition knowledge for a better living as well as choosing to relax with a walking meditation immersed in nature or to receive a water healing massage or a relaxing massage or a rebalancing Shiatsu to support your self-healing process. You can also choose to hike in amazing forests and on the mountains along the coast. Enjoy live meditation music or a topical movie night. All this and much more will be part of this deep enriching and refreshing experience. You will bring home a few important tools that you will be able to use in everyday life to improve your lifestyle and feel happier than ever before.


3 activities per day, completely personalized:

  • 1 meditation
  • 1 treatment
  • 1 nutrition consultation

Extra entertaining activities:

  • meditation hike,
  • natural horse riding,
  • inspiring spiritual movie night,
  • live meditation concert….

More on demand.

Practice Yoga in vibrant spots

Try the experience of practicing Yoga looking at the majestic Mountains of Almijara Mountains
changing colour during the day, merging yourself with their vibrant energy …

Meditate surrounded by Nature

Lead your Prana to grow your vital energy in a pure area

Just one step before the Pranayama, following Patanjali’s sutras, is Yoga’s asanas, the Yoga postures, which prepare the body for Pranayama, turning it more flexible, more relaxed and free from tensions. Only then, I will be able to pay attention to my breath, a strong vehicle between the material body and the spiritual mind. Pranayama links these two elements to be able to step forward to deep meditation.

Pranayama works also very well on the body to prevent health issues and pathologies, by facilitating the process of toxins release, improving blood circulation, toning up the nervous system, helping the digestion, freeing from fears and negative thoughts, cleansing the energetic lines, balancing the endocrine system, boosting the immune system. Addressed to any age.

Morning sessions, once a week.

Expand your knowledge of healthier nutrition and delicious menu with all local and organic selected choice of food

Enjoy dedicated session of Professional Holistic Treatments such as Shiatsu and Water Healing

A tailored retreat
Retreats are possible all year long. You propose the dates that best suit your schedule, and we’ll confirm upon availability.

You can choose where to be hosted from one of the following locations:

  • Casa Miranda,
  • Casa Colica,
  • Hotel Perla Marina,
  • Finca Pardilla,
  • Apartamentos Mediterráneo,
  • independent apartment…

More options are available. The listed houses are in between Nerja, Frigiliana and Competa.


Three services per day will be offered:

  • 1 meditation
  • 1 treatment of choice
  • 1 session of conscious nutrition

The whole program will be adapted to your needs and aspirations.

Activities you can choose
The retreat consists of 3 services per day:

  • 1 meditation
  • 1 treatment of choice
  • conscious nutrition session

Moving your body, receiving new nutritional tools for a better life, improving your awareness, meditating deeply, feeling the energy flow…and always completely accompanied and assisted.

  • Water Therapy – Onda Marina Method,
  • Yoga of Awareness,
  • Guided Meditations/ walking meditation,
  • Shiatsu,
  • Conscious Nutrition,
  • Auriculotherapy with chromotherapy,
  • Yin Yoga,
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa.


Live a transformative experience in a unique setting with me, as a holistic therapist and founder of the Onda Marina Method, accompanying you. The experience I acquired through many years of organizing tailored retreats has provided me the keys for creating a really appropriate retreat, for individuals and for groups. The retreats I propose are designed to lead you to manifesting what you are looking for, and need, in this moment. They are also set to support you in advancing on your path and in living in harmony.

I completely entrusted myself to Marina and I have pleasantly discovered that my trust has been very well placed! Due to accuracy, precision, preparation, availability, and empathy, Marina is a person who, humanly and professionally, immediately seems from another planet!.. (..) whom I continue to thank with all my heart!

Riccardo Ponti

This is my 4’ day of this Wellness and Yoga Retreat with Marina. She had organized it tailored made for me and my wife. We have been practicing yoga, meditation, Shiatsu treatments and I feel so much better. I feel regenerated. I haven’t  felt this way maybe in ten years! 

Mohammed Assyouti

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