Reasoning on the concept of impermanence

Reasoning on the concept of ‘Impermanence’…

‘Who are you?, asks the kid.

‘I am your friend, I am the Impermanence, and I’ll always be with you’.

‘What does it mean ‘impermanence’? asks the kid.

‘It means that it keeps changing, that it never stays the same’..

The kid starts thinking of the changes happening in his life, to the many times he thought he grabbed something that inevitably lost afterwards…

Then he says to the Impermanence…

‘You look beautiful but if you are really the continuous change, then I do not love you. I love you when you bring joy but very often I don’t love you…’

‘I will stay next to you so that you can discover me in every thing, because I can see that you are suffering a lot..’, answers the Impermanence…

(Thank you sister Nghiem, for your precious teachings…Reading your book ‘4 contes pourvretrouver l’enfant intérieur’ I can hear your sweet voice, thank you)

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