Ode to the Woman, Guardian of the Sacred Fire

I’ve always found refuge in the Water as well as in the Books. Over the years, that has always been the ritual. Even as a Teen, I remember, if something went wrong, I used to lose (or find) myself into the books. Away from noise, from external observations and from the dynamics that were hurting me, I could find complete and whole comfort in the words of the book I had chosen (or that had chosen me, maybe).

And today I still like to run my fingers and glance over the books of my library (a precious casket that with time has been enriched of a variety of inspiring  texts: sacred and spiritual texts, of inner search, of Chinese, Indian and Central America alternative medicines, of Do-In, of Yoga and its various styles, of meditation and of incredible esoteric Masters, of observation of the emotions, of conscious nutrition and ancient texts of several religions and creeds) and discover where, by magic, they land.

This morning my fingers have landed on a marvellous book of Alessandra Comneno, Custode del Fuoco Sacro. I like to read the same books more times at distance of years because each time I catch a different nuance. Just the one I need in that particular phase of my life.

Alessandra has met on her way a number of Medicine Women in South and Central America, as Abuela Margarita. And in this book she tells about her perplexities, her hundreds of questions and shares the answers that were gently unveiled by the Curanderas women. Even just being at their sides or sharing their silences and their ancient rituals.

She starts with an amazing introduction able to transfer the deepest and secret values of women nature. She describes, in a poetic way, the Woman as an unknown being, even to herself, in deep connection with Nature and its cycles and its four elements and with healing and regenerative powers, now lost or of which little has been handed down. So she begins…”The woman is infinite creative and transformative capacity, generative innate power.  She is in total connection with the spirit of all things. She is indescribable strength able to face and overcome sudden changes, obstacles, traumas and adversities…A pure fragment, in human body, of the living Nature that surrounds her. Wow! And we are just at the introduction! I do not know what those words generate in you but while myself, I read these words I feel the strength that they transfer, all the power and strength of the fire. I feel I can make it. I feel that no adversity can really bring me down if I know how to grasp the right nuances. If I am able to remember, each time, the words of Alessandra and be finally aware of whom I really am.

Abuela margarita taught her that in any context, a house, a love relationship, family or a village, it is the woman to be the ‘guardian of the sacred fire (title of her book). It is the woman that keeps the fire alive. She is the one who revives and feeds the fire and makes sure that the fire won’t die out.

The feminine energy is explained in a tremendous way!…It manifests in the magic and gentle touch to calm a kid crying or in the power of creating a life. We are somehow magic!

The delicacy, the way she is able to welcome and receive, the intuition, the way she takes care of the others are the characteristics of a woman able to express herself. And this happens when we leave her integrate in herself the frequency of the four elements. Just then, Abuela says, the woman will be majestic as a mountain and sensual and fluid as the river. Destroy the veil that separates your from the Creation and life will smiles at you again. Gift yourself with moments of fusion with Nature and you will reactivate the subtle and magic energy within you.

When I feel confused and uncertain, when sadness and discouragement catch me by surprise, I go walking in the woods next to my house and I come out from there about three hours later with a completely different spirit and frequency. I feel received and loved, with a joy coming from the inside, happy and trustful. In the woods I feel supported, deeply loved. It is something special that brings me to the intimate connection with Mother Earth.

We need to understand that the Great Spirit, as Abuela says, is within us. And if we get to this concept, you will take care of yourself as a precious object and you will love yourself a lot. And then something magic might happen even in your relationships. The man will fall in love with the love you will show to yourself and that relationship, you will see, will be solid and will satisfy you completly.

Abuela was insisting in reminding to the women with difficulties to believe in the strength of flexibility and to trust life. We need to rekindle our deeper faculties. We need to reconnect with our true nature, with Mother Nature. 

Do these words resound in you? For me are map in a deep labyrinth, a candle light during New Moon. They give me an incredible amount of strength. The one I was in need today.

And how do you think I chose this book this morning? With one of the most powerful powers of the woman…the intuition!

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