Improving the eating habits is a way of improving the quality of life and reducing the risk of illness. But there is much more to maintaining an optimum health than simply sticking to a high-fiber, low-fat, low-salt diet. Even the most perfectly balanced diet or the choice of being vegeterian or vegan, will not be of any value unless the food is properly digested and absorbed by your body. Food combining is the key to improve digestion and absorption of vital nourishment , resulting in an increase in energy levels, balanced body weight and enhanced general wellbeing. Those who follow food combining methods have reported improvements in a whole range of conditions including respiratory and food allergies, asthma, arthritis, high cholesterol, recurring infections, migraine, skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne. Eartburn, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, bloating and flatulance are often considerably relieved or resolved by the introduction of more careful food combinations.

What I propose is to improve your health by studying your case history and diet history and improve your health through a tailored nutrition program that will alleviate many annoying conditions as the ones mentioned above. The new nutrition plan can be associated to the Balancing Technique for improving the Digestive Tract that will help cleansing the intestine, increasing the body’s absorption of vitamins and nutrients. (see all about this innovative and supportive treatment of the self-healing process of your body into the category: ‘Treatments’).

Nutrition Consultancy lasts 1hour and has a cost of 45 euros.

Associated to the Balancing Technique for improving the Digestive Tract, has a total cost of 65 euros.

The Nutrition For Health Programs I propose are tailored on ‘you’ and focus on cleansing, detoxifying, healing or improving your nutrition habits transforming your life in a healthier one:

Detox Program

Do you have digestive issues? Do you crave sugar all the time? Do you always feel tired? Do you have skin problems? Do you often have headache? Do you have sore muscles and joints? Your body is not functioning as it naturally could because there is an accumulation of toxins impeding it. This program is for you.

4 weeks program of detox and cleanse practices to be aware of how food can affect your life. An intense journey to free yourself from addictions and bad nutrition habits, cleansing the affected organs to improve health and boost the immune system.

4 consultancies and assistance all along the process.

This Plan includes1 consultancy a week, detox plan and cleansing procedures, 1 yoga session per week and 1 meditation.

Access to discounts for Holistic Treatments very much suggested during the practices of detox.

This program has a price of 260 euros.

Conscious Nutrition Program

A fantastic journey through better nutrition in every single aspect: conscious eating, conscious cooking, food combining, food meditation, inviting new healthy recipes. Make food your new access to self care and wellness.

4 weeks program= 260 euros

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Alkaline Program

Do you often feel fatigue, loss of enthusiasm for life, loss of sex drive, poor quality of sleep, tire quickly, both physically and mentally? Depression, sensitivity to cold, low blood pressure, lowered endocrine fonction, overactive thyroid, recurring infections?

If you consider to feel one of these conditions, your body is overworking to neutralize excess acids and your nervous system might be affected. This program is for you.

This is my favourite Nutrition for Health Program because with this program you will be able to learn a few important tools to prevent and fast heal from first symptoms of body unbalance: joints inflammation, headaches, tiredness, agitation, depression…

With this program you will learn to fast comprehend your internal status and to use selected food to balance your body again.

With the time you will acquire enough sensitiveness to be able to perceive on time the symptoms of unbalance to be able to act quickly, before that those symptoms might turn into a pathology. Considering that at the base of each disease there is an alkaline/basic unbalance, you will fast learn how to prevent, avoid it and how to recover when you notice the first body alarm of an altered condition.

A fantastic journey through awareness and empowerment to learn how to take care of yourself.

This is a 4 weeks program and has a cost of 260 euros.

Contact me for more information.

Deep regenerating Program

Do you feel constant abdominal pain, swollen stomach or excess of gases? Do you feel often tired or you are losing weight without a clear reason? Do you have diarrhoea alternated by constipation?

Your body might be affected by parasites.

A deep regeneration is needed, this could be the right program for you.

4 weeks intensive program= 260 euros

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