Let your energy flow

Did you know that when you practice Utthita Trikonasana you are actually activating the gall bladder and liver meridians? And those energetic lines are connected to the emotions of anger. This way, practicing this posture, you’ll be helping the liver to better function in its role of filter of impurities and at the same time you’ll be working to calm down and generate a more harmonic inner state, letting go of anger and frustration. This new status will allow you to better face the day by day, to feel better with yourself and the people next to you, improving the relationships and generating peace around you.

The liver organ is our body cleaner: it stores and then eliminates all the impurities and poisons that circulate in the blood. But if those raise much more tan the capacity of the liver to neutralize them, the organ starts to get intoxicated and the liver energy appears to be unbalanced. Moreover the emotional situation might help worsening this status.

And when liver is unbalanced and weak, gall bladder also gets unbalanced. The couple liver-gall bladder manages our body flexibility, our inner malleability and the muscles tone. That is why, in case of their unbalance we turn to be excessively rational, which is detrimental for our spirituality. This creates a loss of trust in ourselves and a hyper control on the others, which is converted into inflexibility towards the others and their opinions; worries and attachment to details and consequent drop into discussions; rage that explodes into fights, physical and moral violence or into resentment with possible consequent creation of gall stones.

Working with yoga postures that activate the liver and gall bladder we can reach our lost balance again and go back to peace and health. What is also important though is that a light, balanced and alkalizing diet shall always accompany the yoga practice to avoid overcharging the liver and so risking to annul the benefits of the yoga. A good food combining will instead help us in restoring the balance, supporting the process.

Therefore every yoga posture corresponds to an energetic meridian. There are twelve main energy lines that cross our body from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet. Each meridian is connected to an organ and viscera.  And each of those couple organ-viscera is connected to a particular emotion. The yoga posture activates and balances them having an effect on both physically and emotionally.

Yoga can really be a special training and a self-healing practice working on both the physical and mental. And if we do it in complete presence and awareness with the help of the breath guiding it to the point s of tensions, we are able to make space, oxygenating that area and regenerating it. The flexibility we reach is another way to say that our body is functioning better, regenerating the cells and oxygenating every single corner of our body. The immune system will be boosted and you will verify an improvement in your health in a very short time.

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