How do we improve the self-healing capacities of our body

Our body is made to naturally restore optimal balance with its self-healing capacities.  Anytime it gets inflamed or viruses and bacteria attempt to alter the balance, our body system is conceived to be perfectly able to renovate itself and go back to pure health.

So why this perfect mechanism doesn’t happen so evidently sometimes?

Well, sometimes we do not even give it the time it requires to recover because our society urges us to be functioning full time and we are pushed to not give us any rest. We do not give enough time to fight the external pathogens and restore balance again. So when fever rises we reduce it with paracetamol and when our body requires fasting we insist to give it food.

Some other times the body cannot attempt the spontaneous self-healing process at all. The system is stuck, the body cant recover.

The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat is very often contaminated. Our life style choices are unhealthy and stress is our main booster.  As a consequence our fantastic self-healing system loses power.

So first attention shall be made to our life style. It is a matter of optimizing energy. If we spend so much energy in digesting heavy, fat and toxic food, we lose energy for defending our body.

Our lifestyle significantly influences our risks of contracting diseases and our ability to self-heal. I highly suggest then having a diet that favours the healing responses of our body.

Chose then simple food and do not over eat. We are the generation of over nourished people. And even a good thing, when eaten in access, can be counter productive. So eat less and give a pause one day a week to your body with herbal teas and green juices. Your digestive system will be grateful and your immune system will be automatically boosted!

Watch out at your fat intake! Cut down on saturated fat (that stimulates the production of cholesterol that the body can hardly remove from the circulation), reducing at minimum animal proteins as meat and dairies, margarine and processed food with hydrogenated oils.

At the same way be careful about the oils you use to cook, some just cant be heated. Chose mainly extra virgin olive oil.

Remember that some fats are good, as the Omega-3. They promote health and healing. You find them in some fish as sardines, herring, mackerel, bluefish, salmon and tuna or from flax and hemp seeds. So do not forget to introduce omega 3 into your diet.

Chose organic and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.

We shall change the attitude to food and search for nourishment instead that of filling in emotional gaps. An emergency of change in food quality intake is imminent for many of us.

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