Balance yourself with holistic treatments

A range of Holistic Treatments supporting the self-healing process of your body.
The Holistic approach to health and wellness consider the person as a whole, not only as a body but as well as mind, spirit and emotions. Each of those aspects of the human being plays an essential role in overall health. When one of these aspects of the self is out of balance, the entire body is affected.
Consequently, holistic therapies and practices search for the inner cause of the disease. So rather than just treating the symptoms, we encourage the patients to activate their own power of self-healing. In addition to this complete approach, the ‘holistic way’ focuses on prevention as a key goal of care.

There are countless holistic modalities, Onda Marina Holistica offers you:

  • an alternative medical system as the Traditional Chinese Medicine, at the base of the Shiatsu Treatments, to align your energies, release your tensions and pain and boost your self-healing capacities;
  • mind-body intervention to enhance your physical and mental health with Yoga and Meditation;
  • biologically based therapies as the Nutrition Programs tailored on you;
  • body-based methods as Massage therapies;
  • energy Therapies as Yin Yang Massage and Water Healing to face your old patterns and transform them into light, presence, focus and self-confidence.

TRADITIONAL SHIATSU: the ability to perceive through the hands

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese Technique that uses digital pressure to allow the energy to start flowing again and oxygenate the organs allowing them to well perform their functions. Considering that each organ, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is connected to a corresponding emotion, this treatment is able to work not only on a physical level but also on the emotional one. Treating the body as a whole helps to restore the physical functions of the nervous system, circulatory system, bone structure, muscles, and internal secretion and stimulates its natural ability to heal illness. With an immediate sensation of relaxation, pain relief and boost of energy, Shiatsu is targeting any people of any age.

Although Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese, in practice a practitioner uses touch, comfortable pressure and manipulative techniques to adjust the body’s physical structure and balance its energy flow. It is a deeply relaxing experience and regular treatments can alleviate stress and illness and maintain health and well-being. It:

  • It relieves back pain (Stiff neck • Lower back pain • Sciatica)
  • It unknots muscle tension.
  • It reduces stress.
  • It is beneficial in cases of constipation, diarrhoea, gut disorders, psychosomatic disorders, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and many more.
  • It boosts the immune system
  • It improves metabolism.
  • It improves physical and mental efficiency.
  • It raises the life force.
  • It awakens our bodies self-healing capacities.

Treatments are one-to-one and last 70 minutes.

They have a cost of 75 euros or 65 if you buy a package of 4 treatments.

Balancing Technique for improving the digestive tract

Grow awareness of the correct nutrition to accelerate gut transit and make food digest much better, and that means less accumulation of toxic matter. As a result, your immune system will be boosted and together with this innovative manual technique, you’ll reduce: insomnia, asthma, migraines, poor circulation, backache, constipation, haemorrhoids, diverticulitis, stomach bloating, allergies, chronic bronchitis, otitis, sinusitis, urinary infections, skin eruptions, bad cholesterol, cellulite and so on, in just a few weeks, feeling stronger and healthier than ever before.

This program has a price of 260 euros.

YIN YANG Massage

Yin-Yang Massage works on Chakras balancing with the use of natural oils. The massage will release emotional tensions avoiding possible further physical blocks. When your attitude becomes negative, when you feel overcharged, when you feel sad or out of center, you need to balance your centers of energy again and give new life to your entire body cheering up your energies and mood and feel relieved again.

A Chakra is a center of organisation that receives, assimilates and expresses life force energy. It literally means ‘wheel’ and refers to a spinning sphere of bioenergetic activity. There are seven major of these wheels stacked in a column of energy that spans from the base of the spine to the top of the head. (…) Although not being physical entities the Chakras have a strong effect upon the body as they express the embodiment of spiritual energy on the physical plane. The activities in our Chakras influence our glandular system, body shape, chronic physical ailments, thoughts and behaviour (Anodea Judith, Eastern Body, Western Mind).

Energy medicine is a branch of complementary alternative medicine based on the belief that energy healing therapists can channel life force energy to accelerate the natural healing process.

Energy healing is a holistic practice that uses life force energy to remove blocks and stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself. The energy healing therapist helps bring the client’s energy field into balance and improve the health and wellness of body, mind and spirit. Using energy medicine can help re-balance the body and improve well-being.

The Yin-Yang Massage is offered at the price of 70 euros or 60 if you buy a package of 4 sessions and lasts 60 minutes.

Water healing therapy

It is a very relaxing hydrotherapy in constant evolution, based on the wave effect of water on the body, on letting oneself go to the free flow and the inner instinct, from foetal pause supported by the practitioner, to the autonomy of forms and movements in complete freedom. It is possible through this therapy to overcome discomfort, stress, resistances and alleviate various pathologies.

In the water the body moves sinuous without any rupture, recalling intrauterine life where it was easier to get to unity and in union with our body and with the surrounding element. Control is decreased and you feel abandoning yourself to the water, to your inner self, with no interferences.

The temperature of water, close to the body temperature supports this process, facilitating the relaxation, together with the wave effect and the position of the therapist aligning the two hearts, allowing an emotional journey to happen, emanating love, peace and harmony.

The therapy develops in more phases recalling different phases of the life: the intrauterine, the birth, the childhood, the teen age, to the free instinct movement with no fear nor resistance in a balanced adult life.

It is a water hug, a holding Wave that leads us to an intimate journey through warm water and massage. It recalls the comfortable life in the mother’s womb where there was no fear, no worries and no misunderstanding. All was naturally connected to instinct and from that to the whole cosmic energy. A comfortable dimension where the heart speaks and the mind is silent and we have the chance to be one together with the Universe.

it is One-to-One treatment with the therapist guiding the session.

It can also be executed in couple. In this second case it is used to raise comprehension, trust and connection between partners or mother and son/dautgher, in between brothers and sisters and so on. Just to comunicate to each other presence and love or with the intention to overcome moments of incomprehension or crisis in the relationship and decide to rely on Water and its power of union.

The treatment outcomes:

  • slows down our mind and fills up our heart
  • generates peace and harmony
  • releases energetic knots
  • relieves pains and prevent their reiteration
  • reminds us of the origin of life and its fluidity
  • It supports the process of traumas healing
  • Strengthens relations

The Water Healing Therapy lasts 50 minutes and has a price of 75 euros per session or 4 sessions at the price of 260 euros.