Event Day of wellness and handicraft

This 19th of March will give start to our event days of Wellness and Handicraft taking place at our premises on the mountains of Malaga, 20 minutes far from the capital.

At 9 we will start with a yoga class of 1h30 with me at an amazing spot with an astonishing view of the sea and the mountains. Have you ever experienced that sensation of peace and joy practicing in complete contact with Nature? Well practicing at Manuel’s and Veronica’s place you will feel regenerated and in peace as never before. The sound of the birds will accompany our moves flowing into a deep contact with the surroundings where every little stone, tree and decoration is in complete connection with Mother Nature.

Then we will have a short break with a variety of fruits, dried fruits and herbal teas. The place is really cosy and you will feel immediately at ease.

We will then follow with a session of pottery under the trees that will last 2hours where you will make your own pottery to bring home. Manuel is a real artist and his potteries became famous in Malaga for shape, colour and utility. The creation process itself is just enriching, calming and getting our artistic talent out. We are all artists, did you know that? But we had to hide our talent somewhere. Time to bring it to light again!

We will then prepare for a special vegan and natural plant-based lunch. Veronica is also a nutritionist and a passionated about healthy food and food combining just as me. And I tell you sincerely, you will learn a lot from this beautiful lady about how to take care of your body with simple and delicious food that even the more skeptical about vegan food will feel like giving it a go!

We will then close the event with a mindful walk and a circle meditation that I will personally guide to pause in nature, get in touch deeply and be completely in the present moment, the only moment for joy and happiness.

The price of the whole day is 95 euros.

We are looking forward to have you with us sharing this so special experience. And please do not hesitate to contact us at this number +34 642825096 to know more details about the event.

Enjoy a splendid day in Nature


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