Continuing on the concept of Impermanence

Continuing on the concept of Impermanence

Continuing on the concept of Impermanence….

The kid went back to his breath to hug his suffering and sadness to calm it down…. ‘I know very well now’, he says, ‘that my body is made of Universe, I could not be alive if there was no Earth, no wind, no air, no Sun, no water…(..)

I can now accept better the constant changing and transformation. But you know, there are situations where everything is so beautiful. We might have a house, health, a work, someone we love at our side and from one moment to the other….nothing! Everything collapses. It is very painful’…

The kid closed his eyes and went back to his conscious breathing….his trustful friend…

The Impermanence could feel so much the suffering of the kid that she invited him with a sweet tone to build a sand castle at the beach and see the waves caressing it and gently destroy it afterwards…..The kid was firstly disappointed but observed his own emotion of sadness and frustration and started to breath into it…and saw all the shells around him and the little grains of sand ready to be shaped again in a new castle….and he understood….

‘I see it now, it is all like this then…What we are and what we possess, everything has a beginning and an end. Everything begins, develops and ends. I can see that deeply. I am a kid but one day I’ll grow, I will leave my parents and will build up my life, a world. This world will also change around me on his turn. Those next to me will leave or it will be me to leave. But I will not be sad because they will stay inside of me.

Each of their thoughts and love gestures, their care towards me.

I have the impression now that there are millions of beaches and milliards of sand grains and shells.

Inside of my soul, there is balance. I have just discovered my friend the Impermanence.

You are the Life. This is the name that best suits you: Life.

Without you, without changing, there is no life.

I exist through the mountains, the rivers, the sky, the rain, the air…and every single thing exists in me.

No more rush then, no more anxiety, nothing to protect from…..

(4 Contes pour retrouver l’enfant interieur – de Sister Ghan Giac Nghien , thank you Sister Nghien)

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