Have you realized that many times we eat for stress or because we are sad or angry? It would be fantastic if we could transform our approach to food using more awareness in what we eat and how we eat it. Because our health depends a lot from that. Therefore I highly recommend to consider our potentially perfect machine, as any other machine or electronic device that we daily use.

We are normally very careful to recharge those well. So, for example, we take care that the charger is an original one or that the current is actually on. Some rechargers do not work as well as others so the mobile doesn’t last for enough hours. Well, of course there we are very careful not to run out of battery. We do all our best to have an efficient and well working phone or computer.

Well, what about doing the same towards our unique precious body? Giving it the best food to keep it efficient, strong, connected and well charged for the day? It is clear enough that if we need to wait for digesting very heavy or toxic food, all our energy and focus go into that. Not much energy would be left for other functions.

Next time we need to ‘plug in’ our body I highly recommend to make it in a conscious way and a healthy one.

If you would like to know more about how to nourish your body in a way that our excellent device, our body, would impeccably work, do not hesitate to contact me through this page or writing to and +34 642825096 to know more about the Consultancies of Conscious Nutrition and the Transformative Holistic Programs I guide: Be yourself again and Balance & Energy where you will be able to learn new nutrition habits to improve your health and wellness.

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