Feel well again in your own skin

Start to shine!

“Approach it and there is no beginning; follow it and there is no end. You cannot know it , but you can be it, at ease, in your own life.”

   Lao Tzu


  • You fall prey to debilitating discouragement..
  • You often experience anxiety.
  • You experience mood changes.
  • You are subject to recurring bouts of inner sadness.
  • You find yourself shackled and restrained by worries and fears.
  • Nothing excites you and you have lost the spark of inspiration, confidence and full-engagement.

Transcend anxiety and reconnect with yourself.

Do you often feel tired, sad or grumpy? Do you feel discouraged, uninspired and hopeless? Are you easily bothered even by little details? Do you feel you have lost your focus, that you do not recognize yourself anymore, that this way, you no longer feel as yourself?

Do not worry, you will shine again and you will be even more radiant and happier. Fear will switch into peace, love and light.


  • You will reconnect with the essence of your liveliness.
  • You will learn to raise your vital energy.
  • You will shine as the best and complete version of yourself.
  • You will increase your power of focus.
  • You will learn to cultivate and establish yourself in inner serenity.


What this program includes?


In each asana we activate energetic meridians that correspond to one or more organs and associated emotions. You will learn to go back to balance in your daily life with this yoga practice.  


Sessions of Tao readings and Mindfulness practices in which we will work with conscious breathing through visualizations and sounds to discover and reconnect with the truest version of You.


You will cultivate new eating habits that will help you acquire more mental clarity, while bringing balance to your whole system. You will notice a visible improvement in your digestion, mood and physical vitality. 

Yoga of Awareness 6 sessions

Yoga allows me to work on my center.
In every asana, I breathe connection, joy, trust.
As soon as my body expands and makes space,
my energy flows and my heart is back in grace.

Marina Scateni

One-on-one Yoga classes where you will learn how to manage, transform and free physical, and emotional blockages through asana practice and breathing exercises.

You will discover how the different emotions are bound to specific organs, as well as ways to work on existing blockages, so that you may be able to return to a state of wholesome balance on your own.

  • 1 Yoga session working on anger . 1 h.
  • 1 Yoga session working on worries and fears. 1h.
  • 1 Quick morning session of 20 m plus Meditation.
  • 1 Yoga session working on anxiety. 1 h.
  • 1 Yoga session working on sadness. 1h.
  • 1 Yoga mixed session. 1 h.

Work on creating balance and increasing energy and life force.


When my body is clean my thoughts are lighter.
My brain cheerfully explores new amazing ideas.
I feel focused and calmer.
Challenges appear as an enjoyable playground for my constant evolution.

Marina Scateni

Session 1

  • Why is it so important to eat well?
  • A rapid digestion supports wellbeing.
  • Best food combining Menu for a perfect digestion.
  • The role of the intestine for our mood.

Session 2

  • The importance of an alkaline body.
  • Acidifying factors that diminish energy and contribute to sadness or anxiety.
  • Acidifying versus alkalanizing food + Alkaline Menu.

Session 3

  • Eating consciously.
  • How to chew.
  • The importance of a healthy microbiome.
  • The benefits of eating fiber.
  • The disadvantages of gluten in our diets and its effects on body and mood.

INNER JOURNEY 3 sessions

When I am present in my body and my breath,
I am conscious of my true essence.
I am happy to be alive.
I breathe consciously and I search for the opening door to stillness,
that empty space of magic, conscious receptivity.

Marina Scateni

In these Inner Journey sessions you will go through meditation, Pranayama techniques, visualizations and sounds, study of the Tao that will help you meet your center.

  • Meditation on the 5 senses. Who am I?
  • Meditation on the Heart.
  • I breathe, I am alive.
  • Study the Tao Poems: exercises for integration.
  • Mindful walking
  • Meditation on the Chakras, focused on the main one you need to rebalance.
  • Alternate breathing

Through this practice, you will relax your body and calm the mind, meeting inner peace and coming across who you truly are, your purest essence.

  • 5 weeks
  • 12 sessions + follow up
  • 3 therapies

Sessions are on onsight  or they can be done online.  

Week 1

  • Inner journey session.
  • Yoga of Awareness session.
  • Conscious Nutrition consultation.

Week 2

  • Yoga of Awareness session.
  • Yoga of Awareness session.
  • Conscious Nutrition consultation.

Week 3

  • Yoga Session + Inner Journey session.
  • Yoga of Awareness session.
  • Conscious Nutrition consultation.

Week 4

  • Mixed Yoga session
  • Inner journey session

Week 5

One hour follow-up to orient you in relation to the new acquired habits.

Deep Journey Back To Original You (online or onspot)

Transcend anxiety and reconnect with yourself, feeling well again in your own skin.


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I completely entrusted myself to Marina and I have pleasantly discovered that my trust has been very well placed! Due to accuracy, precision, preparation, availability and empathy, Marina is a person who, humanly and professionally, immediately seems from another planet!.. (..) whom I continue to thank with all my heart!

Riccardo Ponti

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