Beauty from within

I love beauty. Not the emaciated, photoshopped, glamor beauty of Hollywood and Vogue magazine, but true beauty; the kind of beauty that comes from within and radiates health and happiness, comfort and confidence within one’s own skin. Holistic beauty is true health that comes from the inside out. If our body is clean on the inside, then we will manifest health on the outside. If our thoughts are kind and loving on the inside, then this will manifest as presence and goodness on the outside. Bonny Casel, I fully agree with you!

Lets start living to our potential by cleansing our inner body eliminating toxins and stimulating the self-healing fonctions of our body as well as observing strong emotions and transform them into deep joy and peace.

#beauty #truehealth #livetoyourpotential #cleanse #detox #emotions #selfhealing #joy #peace #transformyourlife #nerjaholistic

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