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Owner & Yoga Instructor

Certified and passionate Yoga Alliance Teacher, Marina is a Bio-Natural Techniques Practitioner with specialization in Shiatsu and funder of the Water Healing Treatment, Onda Marina Method. She also works as Consultant for Nutrition and Detox Programs with the ambitious dream to share her knowledge and experience with anyone wishing to improve their lifestyle turning it into a healthier and more peaceful one, living mindful and in complete harmony with Nature and with full awareness of body and mind.

Hi, I am a fervent soul with the given name of Marina and this given body that grew stronger through the lifetime experience of swimming and more flexible through the experience of 12 years of dedicated yoga. After years of refuge in water to escape from a reality I was not really fitting in, I found my way to explore my inner self through the experience of travelling.

I was 14, deeply shy, insecure and quite unsociable but with the strongest desire to visit Australia and its wild nature. My first adventure was in a host family in Western Australia were I spent two months of my life. In the dimension of travelling, I could see all my fears, my strengths as well as my talents. Through my travels, life unfolded in front of me just with the amount of experiences I was supposed to live to evolve. When the mind is enough quite, I have no doubt to know towards which direction to go and this is still my full time work. To silent the mind to be able to see the clarity of the path and get to let the life unfold around me.

From that first experience abroad I could not stop travelling. I was searching for myself, who I was and why I was on Earth. Life this way took me to spend a year in Canada, one in France, several months in Jordan and a few years in Egypt. A more clear spiritual journey started just there, in Egypt, when I was 28 and I was still immersed in a kind of life I was more and more questioning to myself if that is right for me. It was poorly inflicted to me and it was not much representing the way I wanted to live basically and not fulfilling with the main mission I felt I had, to serve others. But Egypt made me a crucial gift, there I met an evolving, constantly exploring, bright soul, a ‘white witch’ as I like to call her, Simona Galbiati, who removed with patience, stubbornness and kindness, the veils from my sleepy third eye and hold my hand into a first contact with my innerself. That was through the technique of Reiki, the first week without eating animal proteins and sugars, the first perception of Energy running through me. It took me a year of reiki practice on myself to deeply feel that the experience in development and cooperation was limiting the flow of my life. I decided to free myself from all that and search for a path taking me closer to Nature. Each time my mind would scare me for the steps I was walking. But my stubbornness and push to go forward in my search, was much stronger. I moved from Cairo to the sea side, in Sharm El Sheikh, where I was offered to work on more attracting projects, one on saving endangered species as the sea turtles and the other to project wells in the desert to facilitate the life conditions of the Bedouins communities of Sinai. Working in a diving space with an outdoor pool just outside the office, at a few meters from the sea, I could easier feel myself as being at the right place.

In that same context I experienced my first water healing treatment with a woman with Parkinson who desperately wanted me to take her into the water for a swimming class. (I have been teaching swimming for years during my studies in University and it was offered me again during my time in Sharm). The experience in water with her has been enlightening and touching for both of us. She finally felt free from her pathology and at ease in the water element, she felt back home. Rather than a swimming class it came out to be a water healing practice of getting in touch with her soul and body through my delicate and constant support. From that precise moment I really got to know that I wanted to dedicate my life to support the others in their spiritual journey through the element of water . A few yeas later came to light a the Waves Healing Project. In the end, that was what I had done so far in the darkest moments of my life, protecting myself and the purity of my soul into the water; regenerating and keeping centred, without even being conscious about it the whole time. I couldn’t feel happier.

At that same diving spot life was hiding another big change for my life. There I met the man who would gift me with the discovering of a very disciplined yoga practice as well as a free life style on board of a simple wooden trimaran. I called for closeness to nature and there I was, navigating in the Mediterranean with Davide Carrera, a creature more similar to a fish or a whale than to a human being. More comfortable in the water than outside, a free spirit , a stubborn, a disciplined and devoted to exercise and self searcher, Davide was dedicating his life to freediving, after a world record on his background, away from society and fixed rules, in a way he could live free of expressing himselves with no restrictions. I completely embarked into his world.

Davide is also the human being this life decided I would have experienced with, the beautiful role of being a mother. Our son is called Nerò, a Greek word meaning ‘Water’. Our years in the boat with our pure soul guide was intense and meaningful for our evolution. During this full immersion in Nature lifestyle, I had the pleasure to meet another angel who opened me the world of Shiatsu. I was devoted to this treatment because during my years of struggling with my back at the age of 14-15, it definitely saved my back after a number of sessions. At that time I was given the chance to pay back and learn this beautiful healing technique to serve the others. Shiatsu became part of my life and later on I embarked into a regular school to be certificated as a Shiatsu practitioner. In these same years, with sadness and hard moments, Davide and I realized that our life journey was taking us to different directions and with the suffer and struggle of any separation, we decided to split and take two different paths to be able to continue our evolution.

In those difficult years I found light in my studies of nutrition with the American School of Natural Medicine funded by Farida Sharan that changed my perspective on healing naturally, eat healthy and food combining. Bonny Casel, the daughter of Farida, has been with me all these years supportimg my studies and opening more and more my eyes on the next steps. That course gave me the strength to step again on my two feet and get my life back for my son sake and mine.

The pause of a few years in Sardinia, offered me the chance to teach yoga. People knew I was practicing a lot for myself and simply asked me to teach. My 15 years of swimming teaching have opened my way to be a teacher again and I felt comfortable in accepting the offer. I felt I could teach what I knew of yoga that helped me so much for my back, physically and emotionally.

Short while later I was called to start travelling again. Cape Verde was calling for a new experience on my own with my best friend traveller, my son Nerò.

In those two years in Cape Verde I could experience the merge of my passions, yoga as self healing, shiatsu as active support in the self healing process and nutrition to cleanse and purify the system from toxins and acidity to allow the required strength of any healing processes. Kitesurfers, capoeira teachers and locals, opened their hearts and trusted me in several healing and detox processes, in return I was thought for the first time to surf the waves of the Ocean on a kite board. I never felt so free before. Kitesurfing is an amazing experience of freedom, mental clarity and adrenaline. Thank you Kite Kriol School…..

During that time of quite loneliness, I felt strongly I hade to organize my yoga trip to India to experience the origin of yoga. There I could shape more my teaching skills and got more conscious of my body and my role as a teacher in this lifetime. Formally certified as a teacher, at my way back, my practices became more intense for me and more inspiring for my students. In India the meeting with another bright soul took me to my next move. Life was finally calling me to move again to a place I have always dreamt of, Andalucia, in the South of Spain. Here where I mostly feel home,I decided to ground for a while and share my knowledge of holistic health with anyone willing to transform their lives in a healthier and more peaceful one. Here I am teaching Vinyasa Yoga, YinYoga and Ashtanga Yoga as well as sharing Meditation classes. I also operate as Shiatsu practitioner and I guide programs of Detox and Cleanse. Along the year I organize Yoga&Wellness Retreats to give the chance to people to pause for a week or a long week-end in a regenerative spot with high vibrant energies learning a few tools to bring home for a healthier life style.

Thank you life, I am on track….!